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Euro VAT Refund, Inc. (EuroVAT) is a leading U.S. financial services firm established in 1993. Euro VAT Refund specializes in assisting North American Companies with Value Added Tax (VAT) management, registration and refund when they do business internationally. Euro VAT Refund is a full service firm with expertise and extensive experience beyond the traditional travel VAT reclaim services, and we offer extensive VAT Management Programs to maximize VAT reclaim opportunities.

There is generally no reason VAT paid in Europe, Japan, and Australia should be absorbed as a cost by your company. Euro VAT Refund, Inc. can help you assess if the VAT incurred can be reclaimed, and assist in the process.

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Visit Euro VAT Refund booth at this year’s LA Gamers Conference in Los Angeles, CA, May 6, 2015
Euro VAT Refund sponsors and exhibits at this year’s LA Gamers Conference -- the leading event for senior representatives from game publishers, developers, movie studios, advertising firms, VCs, social networks, technology providers, analysts and press. The LA Games Conference focuses on bringing together the people who really matter to build and grow relationships and partnerships. Many North American companies are often unaware that they are required to register for VAT and charge about 20% VAT when selling digital services to private people within the EU. To discuss further and find out if your company is required to register and charge VAT, please visit Euro VAT Refund’s booth at this year’s LA Gamers Conference, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, May 6, 2015. For further information please visit:
Registration link

Alert! The German Tax Authorities are actively contacting North American companies
Several U.S. companies doing business within the EU, including Germany have indicated that they have been contacted by the German tax authorities. They are apparently attempting to catch any foreign company selling digital services (on-line games, music, cloud services, and other) to private people within the EU. These companies are often unaware that they are required to register for VAT and charge VAT to the private customers. The call from the German tax authorities might come as an unpleasant surprise since they demand that the company declares and pays in the VAT due from sales to Germany. If this is not done the North American company can expect back taxes and penalties. To find out if your company is required to register and charge VAT within the EU, please contact our VAT experts.

Webinar on April 23 “European VAT Implications with E-Commerce”
Euro VAT Refund's CEO Britta Eriksson will provide an insight for how VAT works when North American companies sells products on-line (e-commerce), or sell software, cloud services, games and music on-line to customers in the EU at a webinar hosted by the U.S. Commercial Service; “European VAT Implications with E-Commerce” - At Your Desk on Thursday, Apr 23, 2015, 11:00 am EDT, 8:00 am PDT.
For more details: Event flyer [pdf] Registration link

The VAT Filing Deadline in Most of the European Countries is Approaching
If VAT has been paid on expenses within the European Union (EU) after January 1, 2014, the invoices should be gathered and sent to our office as soon as possible in order to meet the June 2015 VAT filing deadline. The filing preparation has to start as soon as possible due to the IRS certificate that has to be ordered which can take up to 3 months to receive. Please contact our office at your earliest convenience if interested in proceeding with a VAT refund.

New Stricter Rules Related to Eligible VAT Invoices within the EU
New implemented rules within the EU means stricter requirements on eligible invoices accepted for VAT filings and refunds. Please contact our VAT experts for further information.

VAT Registration Required when Selling Goods Through Amazon in the EU
Several of our customers have indicated that Amazon within the EU will now require all North American companies that are planning to sell goods through Amazon in the EU to register for VAT before a contract is signed with any of the Amazon websites within the EU. Please contact our VAT experts for further details.

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